How do I know I should start therapy?

If you’re reading this, I guess you’ve at least thought about it. People come to therapy for lots of reasons. Sometimes it’s to explore deeper issues from the past, other times it might be for help navigating a specific change in life circumstances. There’s no right or wrong reason, and sometimes it simply starts with wanting a space to talk and explore your thoughts. Therapy is a space to process and to grow, and to experience all sorts of emotions and feelings. It might feel scary, or daunting, even exciting. When you feel ready, I’m here.

How do I know what I want from therapy?

You might have a very clear reason for wanting to come to therapy, or it might be that you know what you want to look like at the end of it. You might simply have a feeling that it could help you make some changes. It’s worth thinking about what you might like to talk about, or what you’d like to shift. When we meet and have a mutual assessment, we can figure out how we might work together to achieve an outcome that feels good for you.

What kind of therapy do you offer?

I work as an integrative therapist, which means I can tailor how we work to what you need and like. It might be simply that you want to talk. Other times it might feel useful to try some drawing exercises, a visualisation or explore how you feel sensations in your body. I’m happy to be led by what feels comfortable for you and offer suggestions that you can say yes or no to.

What if you don’t feel I’m the therapist for you?

It’s important that you find a therapist you feel comfortable with, someone who you can make small talk with as well as be vulnerable with. I think laughter has a role in therapy alongside all the other emotions.

The reason we have an initial assessment session is to work out whether we’ll be a good fit for each other. Often people try out various therapists before finding someone they want to work with. If you come away thinking I’m not it, there’s no obligation to continue.

What should I expect from our first session?

After our initial free phone conversation, we’ll have an assessment session to look at what you’d like to bring to therapy and how we might work together. It’s okay to be nervous or apprehensive! I’ll ask about what you’d like to work on, what you currently do to look after yourself, and your hopes for how you picture yourself at the end of our work together.

How long do I need to commit?

I offer both short- and long-term therapy. If we agree to work together, I suggest that we have 6 sessions before having a review. We can check in with how we’re both feeling, whether if we need to make any changes, and if you’d like to continue. It can take time to feel comfortable within the therapeutic relationship, and that process is different for every person. It’s up to you how long you’d like therapy to continue for, and I appreciate that this might change due to life circumstances or finances. I do suggest that if you’d like to end therapy, we make sure we schedule in time to end together and bring some closure to the work.

How much will it cost? Can I cancel?

I charge £55 per session, and each session is an hour. I ask for payment before the session, either by bank transfer or cash.

To cancel a session, you can simply email me to let me know you can’t make it. I ask for at least 48 hours’ notice.
Cancellations with less notice means that the session will still be charged for, as I have to cover my costs and time holding the space for you even in your absence.